Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with P

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pansy,field (lus croí) pansy,sand (goirmín duimhche) Pansy, wild (Goirmín searraigh) Pansy, wild (Goirmín searraigh) pansy, wild x field parrots-feather parsley-piert (mionán Muire) parsley-piert,slender (Mionán Muire caol) parsley,cow (peirsil bhó) parsley,fools (peirsil amaide) parsley,garden (peirsil gharraí) parsley, hedge-parsley,knotted (Lus na gcloch fuail) parsley, hedge-parsley,upright (fionnas fáil) parsnip,wild (cuirdín bán) pea,sea (peasairín trá) pearlwort,annual (mongán lom) pearlwort,heath (mongán móna) pearlwort,heath (mongán móna) pearlwort,knotted (mongán glúineach) pearlwort,procumbent (mongán sínte) pearlwort,sea (mongán mara) pellitory-of-the-wall (feabhraíd) penny-cress,field (praiseach fhia) penny-cress,field (praiseach fhia) pennywort,marsh (lus na pingine) pennywort,wall (carnán caisil) pepperwort,narrow-leaved pepperwort,narrow-leaved pepperwort,smiths (piobar an duine bhoicht) periwinkle,greater (Fincín mór) periwinkle,variegated periwinkle,intermediate periwinkle,lesser (Fincín beag) persicaria,pale (ghlúineach bhán) phacelia pigmyweed,new zealand pignut (cúlarán) pimpernel,bog (falcaire corraigh) pimpernel,bog (falcaire corraigh) pimpernel,scarlet (falcaire fiáin) pimpernel,yellow (lus Cholm Cille) pineappleweed (lus na hiothlainne) pink-sorrel (seamsóg ghlúineach) pink-sorrel,pale pipewort (píbín uisce) pirri-pirri-bur,bronze pirri-pirri-bur,two-spined plantain,bucks-horn (adharca fia) plantain,bucks-horn (adharca fia) plantain,greater (Cuach Phádraig) plantain,ribwort (slánlus) plantain,sea (Slánlus mara) pondweed,bog (Liach mhóna) pondweed,broad-leaved (Liach Bhríde) Pondweed, fen (Liach eanaigh) Pondweed, fen (Liach eanaigh) pondweed, perfoliate (Dréimire uisce) poppy,californian poppy,common (cailleach dhearg) poppy,long-headed (cailleach fhada) poppy,opium (codlaidín) poppy,opium (codlaidín) poppy,welsh (poipín breatnach) poppy,yellow horned (caillichín na trá) poppy,yellow horned (caillichín na trá) potato (práta) primrose (sabhaircín) privet,garden privet,garden privet,wild (pribhéad) privet,wild (pribhéad) purple-loosestrife (créachtach)

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