Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with T

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tare,hairy (peasair arbhair) teasel (leadán úcaire) teasel (leadán úcaire) thistle,carline (feochadán mín) thistle,carline (feochadán mín) thistle,creeping (feochadán reatha) thistle,marsh (feochadán corraigh) thistle,marsh (feochadán corraigh) thistle,meadow (Feochadán móna) Thistle, milk Thistle, milk thistle,musk (feochadán crom) Thistle, slender (Deagha buí) Thistle, slender (Deagha buí) thistle,spear (feochadán colgach) thistle,welted (feochadán reangach) three-cornered garlic (creamh garraí) thrift (rabhán) thyme,wild (tím chreige) toadflax,common (buaflíon) toadflax,ivy-leaved (buaflíon balla) toadflax,purple (buaflíon corcra) toadflax,small (buaflíon minus) toadflax,small (buaflíon minus) toothwort (slánú fiacal) tormentil (Néalfartach) tormentil,trailing (néalfartach shraoilleach) tormentil,trailing (néalfartach shraoilleach) travellers-joy (gabhrán) travellers-joy (gabhrán) trefoil,hop (seamair dhuimhche) trefoil,lesser (seamróg) trefoil,slender (seamair bheag) birds-foot-trefoil,common birds-foot-trefoil,greater (barr an mhisléin) turnip (tornapa fiáin) tutsan (meas torc allta) tutsan,Forrest's twayblade,common (dédhuilleog) twayblade,common (dédhuilleog) twayblade,lesser (dédhuilleog bheag)

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