Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with N, O

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nasturtium nettle (neantóg) nettle,small (neantóg bheag) niger nightshade,black (fuath dubh) nightshade,black (fuath dubh) nightshade,woody (fuath gorm) nightshade,woody (fuath gorm) nightshade,woody var marinum (fuath gorm) nightshade,woody var marinum (fuath gorm) nipplewort (duilleog bhríde)

Irish Wildflowers: Common names starting with O

orache,babingtons (eilifleog chladaigh) orache,babingtons (eilifleog chladaigh) orache,common (eilifleog) orache,frosted (eilifleog phlúrach) orache,frosted (eilifleog phlúrach) orache,spear-leaved (eilifleog leathan) oxlip,false ox-tongue,bristly (Teanga bhó gharbh) ox-tongue,bristly (Teanga bhó gharbh) orchid,birds-nest (magairlín neide éin) orchid,bee (magairlín na mbeach) orchid,butterfly,greater (magairlín mór an fhéileacáin) orchid,butterfly,lesser (magairlín beag an fhéileacáin) orchid,dense flowered (magairlín glas) orchid,early purple (magairlín meidhreach) orchid,fly (magairlín na gcuileanna) orchid,fragrant (lus taghla) orchid,fragrant (lus taghla) orchid,fragrant,heath (lus taghla) orchid,fragrant,marsh (lus taghla) orchid,frog (magairlín an loscáin) orchid,frog (magairlín an loscáin) orchid,green-winged (magairlín féitheach) orchid,green-winged (magairlín féitheach) orchid,green-winged (magairlín féitheach) orchid,marsh,early (magairlín mór) Marsh-orchid early - ssp coccinea Marsh-orchid early - ssp coccinea Marsh-orchid early - ssp incarnata Marsh-orchid early - ssp pulchella orchid,marsh,Irish (magairlín gaelach) orchid,marsh,western (magairlín gaelach) orchid,marsh var kerryensis orchid,marsh,narrow-leaved (magairlín caol) marsh-orchid, northern (Magairlín corcra) marsh-orchid, northern (Magairlín corcra) orchid,pyramidal (magairlín na stuaice) Orchid, small-white (Magairlín bán) Orchid, small-white (Magairlín bán) orchid,spotted,common (nuacht bhallach) orchid,spotted,heath (na circíní) orchid, spotted, O'Kellys Marsh-orchid, early x heath spotted - D x carnea orchid, spotted x marsh - D x dinglensis Marsh-orchid, early x common spotted - D x kernerorum Dactylorhiza x venusta Dactylorhiza x venusta Common spotted x Marsh-orchid, western Helleborine, broad-leaved (Ealabairín) Helleborine, broad-leaved (Ealabairín) helleborine,dark-red (cuaichín dearg) helleborine,marsh (cuaichín corraigh) helleborine,narrow-leaved (cuaichín caol) helleborine,narrow-leaved (cuaichín caol) ladys-tresses,autumn (cúilín muire) ladys-tresses,irish (cúillín gaelach) twayblade,common (dédhuilleog) twayblade,common (dédhuilleog) twayblade,lesser (dédhuilleog bheag)

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