Irish wildflowers: Common names starting with G

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garlic,crow (gairleog Mhuire) garlic,crow (gairleog Mhuire) garlic,three-cornered (creamh garraí) garlic,wild / ramsons (creamh) gentian,autumn (muilcheann) gentian,spring (Ceadharlach Bealtaine) giant-rhubarb (gunnaire) gipsywort (feorán corraigh ) gipsywort (feorán corraigh ) gladiolus,eastern glassworts (lus na gloine) glasswort,common glasswort,one-flowered Glasswort, perennial Glasswort, perennial glasswort,purple glasswort,purple goat's-beard (finidí na muc) goat's-beard (finidí na muc) goldenrod (slat óir) golden-samphire (ailleann Pheadair) golden-saxifrage,opposite-leaved (glóris) goosefoot,red (blonagán dearg) goosefoot,red (blonagán dearg) gorse,european (aiteann gallda) gorse,european (aiteann gallda) gorse,western (aiteann gaelach) gorse,western (aiteann gaelach) grape-hyacinth grass of parnassus (fionnscoth) green alkanet (Boglas Spáinneach) ground elder (lus an easpaig) ground ivy (athair lusa) groundsel (grúnlas) groundsel,heath (grúnlas móna) groundsel,heath (grúnlas móna) groundsel,sticky (grúnlas greamaitheach) groundsel,sticky (grúnlas greamaitheach) guelder-rose (Caor chon)

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