Irish wildflowers

Narrow-leaved Pepperwort, Lepidium ruderale
Photos: Foynes, Co.Limerick

Narrow-leaved Pepperwort
Lepidium ruderale
Family: Brassicaceae

Flowering May-August. Annual or biennial. Introduced.

Many small greenish flowers with usually 2-4 stamens. Fruits shorter than their stalks, narrow-winged, shallow notch. Stem leaves not clasping. Lower leaves pinnate, upper simple, linear. Erect growth, often much-branched, to 45cm.

Found on bare waste ground, usually at ports and nearby roadsides. Rare casual, most records from Belfast. Probably introduced with grain or animal feeds.

Identification confirmed by Paul Green

Narrow-leaved Pepperwort, Lepidium ruderale       Narrow-leaved Pepperwort, Lepidium ruderale

Narrow-leaved Pepperwort. Foynes port, County Limerick. August 2008

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