Irish wildflowers

Meadow Thistle, Cirsium dissectum
Photographs: County Limerick

Meadow Thistle, Cirsium dissectum

Meadow Thistle
Cirsium dissectum
Feochadán móna
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering July-August. Perennial. Native.

Solitary deep-purple flowers 25-30mm. Bracts erect, cottony, outer spine-tipped. Leaves mostly basal, green above, white-cottony below. Scarcely-lobed, weak marginal prickles. Flower-stems unbranched, unwinged, cottony. 20-60cm.
Occasional hybrids recorded with Marsh Thistle, C. palustre

Damp, poorly drained ground on neutral to less-acidic fens and peaty soils. Most frequent W, NW and central Ireland.
      Meadow Thistle, Cirsium dissectum

Meadow Thistle, Cirsium dissectum. June 2009

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