This section illustrates some of the native and introduced deciduous and evergreen trees and large shrubs growing in Ireland. Clicking on the images shows more photographs and plant details. A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Latin Index

Alder,common Alder,common Amelanchier Apple Apple Apple,crab Apple,crab Apple,crab Ash Ash Beech Birch Blackthorn Blackthorn Blackthorn Buckthorn,alder Cherry Plum Chestnut, sweet Chestnut, sweet Dogwood Dogwood Dogwood,white Dogwood,white Elder (Trom) Elder (Trom) Elm, English Elm, English Guelder-rose (Coar chon) Guelder-rose (Coar chon) Hawthorn (Scaech gheal) Hawthorn (Scaech gheal) Hazel (Coll) Hazel (Coll) hornbeam hornbeam Horse-chestnut Horse-chestnut Horse-chestnut,red Larch Larch Larch Lime Maple, field Maple,norway Oak Oak Rowan Rowan Spindle (Feoras) Spindle (Feoras) Sycamore Sycamore Sycamore Whitebeam Whitebeam Whitebeam, Irish Whitebeam, Irish Willow, almond Willow, almond Willow,creeping (Saileach reatha) Willow,creeping (Saileach reatha) Willow,grey sallow Willow,grey sallow Willow, osier Willow, osier

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Fir, silver Fir, silver Hemlock, western Holly (Cuileann) Holly (Cuileann) Laurel (Labhras silíní) Pine, lodgepole Pine, lodgepole Pine,scots Privet,garden Privet,garden Privet,wild Privet,wild Strawberry-tree (Caithne) Strawberry-tree (Caithne) Yew

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A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Latin Index

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