Aquatic Irish wildflowers

Irelands aquatic plants occupy a wide range of habitats, from clear streams and lakes to brackish fens, bog pools and drainage ditches. Some Irish waterways are badly affected with agricultural and forestry run-offs causing a harmful build-up of algae. Others remain clean and oxygenated, benefitting the health of both plant and fish life.

Below are some Irish wildflowers to be found growing in streams, rivers, marshes, bogs and ponds. Waterside plants can be seen by following the link.

arrowhead (rinn saighde) bistort,amphibious (glúineach uisce) Bladderwort, greater (Lus an bhorraigh) Bladderwort, greater (Lus an bhorraigh) bladderwort,intermediate (Lus borraigh gaelach) Bladderwort,lesser (Lus borraigh beag) Bladderwort,lesser (Lus borraigh beag) blinks (fliodh uisce) bogbean (bearnán lachan) brooklime (lochall) bur-reed,branched (rísheisc) bur-reed,unbranched (rísheisc lom) crowfoot,round-leaved (néal uisce cruin) Duckweed, least Duckweed, lesser / common (Ros lachan) forget-me-not,water (ceotharnach uisce) Frogbit (Greim an loscáin) hornwort,rigid (Cornlach) iris,yellow (feileastram) lobelia,water (plúr an locháin) marshwort,lesser (smaileog bháite) mudwort (lus lathaí) parrots-feather pipewort (píbín uisce) pondweed,bog (liach mhónas) pondweed,broad-leaved Pondweed, fen (Liach eanaigh) pondweed, perfoliate (Dréimire uisce) pygmyweed,new zealand shoreweed (lus an chladaigh) st.johns-wort,marsh (luibh an choirithe) stonewort (Luibheolaíocht) water cress (biolar) water cress,fools (gunna uisce) water-cress,narrow-fruited (biolar mion) water-crowfoots (néal uisce) water-crowfoot,stream (néal uisce bréige) water-lily,fringed (scéithín uisce) water-lily,white (bacán bán) water-lily,yellow (cabhán abhann) Water-milfoil,spiked (Líonánach) water-parsnip,lesser (ráib uisce) water=plantain,common (corrchopóg) Water-plantain, lesser (Corrchopóg bheag) water-plantain,narrow-leaved (corrchopóg chaol) water-starwort,common (réiltín scoite) water-starwort,intermediate (réiltín leathan) Waterweed,Canadian (Tím uisce) Waterweed,Nuttalls (Tím uisce chaol) waterwort,six-stamened (bosán te)

Some introduced aquatic species are a serious threat to waterways and biodiversity if they become naturalised.
Those listed below have been designated as significant invasive plants in Ireland:

Large-flowered Waterweed, Egeria densa.     Canadian Waterweed, Elodea canadensis.
Nuttall's Waterweed, Elodea nuttallii.     Floating Pennywort, Hydrocotyle ranunculoides.
Curly-leaved Waterweed, Lagarosiphon major.     Parrots-feather, Myriophyllum aquaticum.

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