Irish Wildflowers on Bogs, Fens and Acidic Heathland

There are two main types of peatland bog to be found in Ireland, the raised bogs of the central lowlands, rising above the fens that surround them, and the blanket bog which has developed over thousands of years on poorly drained ground. Lowland blanket bog is found on the Atlantic coastline, upland blanket bog on hills and mountains. Less than 10% of Irish peatlands remain relatively intact, but there are some areas preserved as nature reserves, protecting the flora and fauna associated with them.

Wildflowers growing on damp, acidic heaths and bogs and fens are included in this section, plants of dry, sandy or calcareous heathland (base-rich or above limestone, well-drained, nutrient-rich) can be seen in the Coastal or Limestone sections. Lichens found on acidic uplands can be seen here (link opens in new window).

bedstraw,heath (luibh na bhfear gonta) bilberry (fraochán) bladderwort,intermediate (Lus borraigh gaelach) bladderwort,intermediate (Lus borraigh gaelach) blue-eyed-grass (feilistrín gorm) bog asphodel (sciollam na moná) bogbean (bearnán lachan) bog-myrtle (raideog) butterwort,common (bodán meascáin) butterwort,large_flowered (leith uisce) butterwort,pale (leith uisce beag) cotton_grass (ceannabhán) cotton_grass,hares-tail (ceannabhán gaelach) cow-wheat,common (lus an tsagairt) cudweed,marsh (lianthlus) dodder,common (clamhán) eyebrights (glanrosc) flax,fairy (lus na mban) forget-me-not,creeping (ceotharnach reatha) foxglove (lus mór) gorse,european (aiteann gallda) gorse,western (aiteann gaelach) giant-rhubarb (gunnaire) hawkweed,mouse-ear (lus na seabhac) heath,cross-leaved (fraoch naoscaí) heath,st.dabeoc's (fraoch na haon choise) heather,bell (fraoch fireann) heather,ling (fraoch mór) helleborine,marsh (cuaichín corraigh) lousewort (lus an ghiolla) lousewort,irish lousewort,marsh (milseán móna) milkwort,common (lus an bhainne) milkwort,heath (na deirfiúiríní) orchid,green-winged (magairlín féitheach) orchid,marsh,early (magairlín mór) orchid,heath spotted (magairlín meidhreach) orchid,lesser butterfly (magairlín beag an fhéileacáin) pennywort,marsh (lus na pingine) pennywort,marsh (lus na pingine) pimpernel,bog (falcaire corraigh) pipewort (píbín uisce) pondweed,bog (liach mhónas) sage,wood (sáiste cnoic) scabious,devils-bit (odhrach bhallach) sheeps-bit (luibh an ghalair cam) skullcap,lesser (cochall beag) sorrel,sheeps (samhadh caorach) speedwell,heath (lus cré) speedwell,thyme-leaved (lus an treacha) stitchwort,bog (tursainín mhóna) st.johns-wort,slender (beathnua baineann) st.johns-wort,trailing (beathnua sraoilleach) stonecrop,english (púiríní seangán) sundew, oblong-leaved (cailís mhuire) sundew,round-leaved (drúichtín na móna) thistle,meadow (Feochadán móna) tormentil (mianfhartach) vetch,bitter (corra meille) violet,heath dog-violet (sailchuach mhóna) violet,pale dog-violet (sailchuach liath) water-crowfoot,round-leaved (néal uisce righin) water-purslane (puirpín uisce) willow,creeping (saileach reatha)

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