This section shows some of the Ferns found growing in Ireland. Clicking on the thumbnail image shows photographs, plant details and a link to the BSBI distribution map for that species. A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Scientific

bladder-fern, brittle bladder-fern, brittle bladder-fern,diaphanous bladder-fern,diaphanous bladder-fern bracken buckler fern,hay-scented buckler fern,hay-scented buckler fern,broad buckler fern,broad filmy-fern,tunbridge filmy-fern,tunbridge filmy-fern,wilsons filmy-fern,wilsons hard fern hard fern harts-tongue harts-tongue killarney fern killarney fern lady fern lady fern lemon-scented fern lemon-scented fern maidenhair fern maidenhair fern male fern male fern male fern,crested male fern,crested male fern,scaly male fern,scaly male fern,scaly x male fern male fern,scaly x male fern polypody polypody polypody,common polypody,common polypody,intermediate polypody,intermediate polypody,southern polypody,southern royal fern royal fern rusty-back rusty-back shield-fern, hard shield-fern, hard shield fern,soft shield fern,soft spleenwort,black spleenwort,black spleenwort,black spleenwort,black spleenwort,maidenhair spleenwort,maidenhair spleenwort,sea spleenwort,sea wall-rue wall-rue water fern water fern

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Ferns A-Z Common name Index and A-Z Latin Index

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