Lusitanian Flora

A group of wildflowers native to Ireland but mainly absent from Britain form what is known as the Lusitanian Flora.
This unique collection of mediterranean plants came originally from the Iberian Peninsula (North Spain and Portugal), and in Ireland most are found in the South and West. It is unlikely that they have survived from before the last Ice Age but there is no conclusive explanation for their presence here.

  Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris, Duchosach: Co. Clare, Galway, Mayo
  Fringed/Irish Sandwort, Arenaria ciliata, Gaineamhlus gaelach: Co. Sligo
  Strawberry Tree, Arbutus unedo, Caithne: Co. Kerry, Sligo, W Cork
  St Dabeoc's Heath, Daboecia cantabrica, Fraoch na haon choise: West Galway, Mayo
  Irish Heath, Erica erigena, Fraoch camógach: Co. Galway, Mayo
  Mackay's Heath, Erica mackaiana, Fraoch mhic aoidh: Co. Donegal, Connemara
  Irish Eyebright, Euphrasia salisburgensis, Glanrosc gaelach: Western Ireland
  Irish Spurge, Euphorbia hyberna, Bainne caoin: Western Ireland
  Irish Fleabane, Inula salicina, Lus gréine gaelach: Lough Derg, N Tipperary
  Recurved Sandwort, Minuartia recurva, Gaineamhlus cuar: Co. Kerry, W Cork and Waterford
  Dense-flowered Orchid, Neotinea maculata, Magairlín glas: Western Ireland and E Cork
  Large-flowered Butterwort, Pinguicula grandiflora, Leith uisce: SW Cork, Limerick, Clare, Aran Islands
  Kidney Saxifrage, Saxifraga hirsuta, Morán giobach: Co. Kerry, W Cork
  St Patricks Cabbage, Saxifraga spathularis, Cabáiste an mhadra rua: W Ireland, also Co. Waterford
  Kerry Lily, Simethis mattiazzii, Lile fhíonáin: Co. Kerry

strawberry-tree (caithne) eyebright,irish (glanrosc gaelach) butterwort,large_flowered (leith uisce) saxifrage,kidney (mórán giobach) spurge,irish (bainne caoin) Mackay's Heath heath,st.dabeoc's (fraoch na haon choise) st patricks cabbage (cabáiste an mhada rua) orchid,dense flowered (magairlín glas) Kerry Lily maidenhair fern

North American species: There is one North American species that is native to Ireland but not found in Britain or Europe, and three which are found in Ireland and Britain but not elsewhere in Europe.

  Irish St Johnswort, Hypericum canadense, Beathnua gaelach: Co. Cork, W Galway, W Mayo
  Blue-eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium bermudiana, Feilistrín gorm: SW, NW Ireland. Scattered UK distribution
  Pipewort, Eriocaulon aquaticum, Pípín uisce: Western Ireland, also Inner Hebrides, W Scottish mainland
  Irish Ladys-tresses, Spiranthes romanzoffiana, Cuílín gaelach: SW, W, NE Ireland, also Inner Hebrides, Western Scotland

blue-eyed-grass (feilistrín gorm) pipewort (píbín uisce) ladys-tresses,irish (cúillín gaelach)

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