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Dog-rose, Rosa canina, Feidhris
Photographs: Co. Cork

Rosa canina agg.
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering time: June-July. Deciduous shrub. Native.

The large scented flowers can be pink or white and grow singly or in clusters. Styles not projecting and the sepals are bent backwards on young fruit. Fruit is red, hairless, sepals falling before ripe. Leaves are hairless to slightly pubescent, often even-toothed with 2-3 pairs in leaflets. Arching, straggling stems with strong, broad-based hooked prickles. Height to 3-4m. Very variable and hybrids often occur making accurate identification difficult.

Common in woods, hedgerows and on roadsides.

Dog-rose, Rosa canina, Feidhris

Dog-rose, Rosa canina, Feidhris
Dog-roses, Rosa canina agg., Feidhris

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