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Grey Willow / Grey Sallow
Salix cinerea subsp. oleifolia
Saileach liath
Family: Salicaceae

Catkins open March-April. Deciduous. Native.

Erect, stalkless catkins appear before the leaves, black-tipped. Seed is released in May. Young shoots downy, reddish-brown. Shoots become hairless as they mature. Leaves dull green, slightly downy, 2-3.5 times long as broad. Shrub or small tree, to 10m.
S. cinerea subsp. cinerea: Very similar but twigs remain downy into second year, mature leaves densely pubescent on undersides.

Very frequent in damp or wet ground, woods, hedges, streamsides, marshes. Early colonist of damp waste ground.

Similar: Goat Willow, Salix caprea. Larger catkins, broader leaves.


Grey Willow / Grey Sallow Willow

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