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Carex extensa

Long-bracted Sedge
Carex extensa
Cíb fhada
Family: Cyperaceae

Flowering June-July, fruiting July-August. Perennial. Native.

Solitary, terminal, reddish-brown male spikelet, 2-4 female spikelets, the lowest sometimes distant. Very long, spreading bracts, the lowest much longer than the male spikelet. Fruit grey-green, weakly ribbed and with a smooth, notched beak. Smooth 3-sided stems, narrow, rigid, greyish-leaves with blunt tips and rounded ligules. Height 5-40cm.

Coastal, can be locally common in sheltered, sandy salt-marshes.

Similar: Yellow Sedge, Carex flava


Long-bracted Sedge. Warren Strand, Rosscarberry, Co.Cork.

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