Irish wildflowers

Horsetail's, Equiseteum
Photographs: Co. Cork

Equiseteum spp.

A group of leafless and flowerless perennials. Native.

Jointed, furrowed stems, tubular, usually erect. Leafless - the leaves are replaced by toothed sheaths. Some species have whorls of jointed, ribbed, linear green branches. Some common species bear fruiting cones on separate, earlier pale-brown stems. These stems wither and are followed by barren, thin green stems.
Creeping growth habit. Can be invasive and very difficult to eradicate.

Some gardeners confuse Horsetail's, Equiseteum spp. with Marestail, Hippuris vulgaris

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Horsetail's, Equiseteum

Horsetail's, Equiseteum
Horsetail's, Equiseteum

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