Irish wildflowers

Austrian Chamomile, Anthemis austriaca
Photos: Seeded verge, Co.Cork

Austrian Chamomile
Anthemis austriaca
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering time: summer. Perennial. Introduced.

Daisy-like flowerheads with white ligules and yellow disc flowers.
Domed receptacle. Finely dissected grey-green foliage. Sprawling growth.
Can be confused with Corn Chamomile, Anthemis arvensis.

Occasionally included in wildflower and grass seed mixtures. Most records are from SE Ireland, roadside verges, path edges.
Identified by Paul Green

Austrian Chamomile, Anthemis austriaca      
Austrian Chamomile. Seeded verge, roadside N25, Co.Cork. September 2008

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