Irish wildflowers

Sweet Violet, Viola odorata, Sailchuach chumhra
Photographs: Co.Cork

Sweet Violet
Viola odorata
Sailchuach chumhra
Family: Violaceae

Flowering March - May. Perennial. Occasionally native, often introduced.

Fragrant deep violet or white flowers with blunt sepals. Downy seed capsule.
Leaves more/less circular, slightly downy, basal. Long prostrate runners.
Two white varieties occur: var. dumetorum has hairs in throat of flower.
Viola odorata var. imberbis has no hairs in throat and can also be violet.

Occasional in shady woods, hedges. Possibly native in some areas but often a relic of cultivation. Most frequent NE, E, SE Ireland.


Sweet Violets. March 2009

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