Irish wildflowers Vicia sativa agg.  

Photographs: Co.Cork

Common Vetch
Vicia sativa ssp. segetalis
Peasair chapaill
Family: Fabaceae

Flowering time: April-September. Annual. Introduced.

Flowers usually pink-purple or bi-coloured. Solitary or pairs in leaf-axils.
Ripe fruit brownish-black, smooth, usually hairless. Upper leaflets little narrower than lower. Tendrils usually branched. Straggling ridged stems. Very variable.

Disturbed ground, roadsides, waste ground. Mainly found in S and E Ireland.
Not separately recorded until 1991, but the most frequent subspecies.
  V. sativa ssp. nigra and   V. sativa ssp. sativa are both rare. Identified by Paul Green.

Common Vetch. Blue form: Sherkin Island, Co.Cork. Aug 2007. White form: Inchidoney Beach, Co.Cork. May 2008         

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